AHV-IV Operations

AHV-IV Operations


Students will receive academic instruction as well as practical hands-on. Topics covered during the classroom portion of the course include AHV-IV essential systems, techniques for safe operation, weight distribution, oil and hydraulic systems, correct interpretation of system gauges, controls, situation awareness and safety. Hands-on exercises will require the participant to perform a pre-start inspection, start the vehicle, and shutdown the vibrator vehicle, leaving it in a safe state. Safe operation of the vehicle must be demonstrated in various modes over a route determined by the instructor. The route will include operation in close proximity to obstructions, tight turns, differing off-road terrain and on-road driving. Successful completion is determined through written test and demonstrated driving skill.


Adequate mechanical knowledge to properly check and replenish vehicle fluid levels.

Previous experience in the operation of heavy equipment is preferred.

Day 1

1. Classroom Training (8:00am – Noon)

  • General Safety Guidelines
  • Identification of Interior Controls and Indicators
    • Explanation of Function
  • Identification of Exterior Controls and Indicators
    • Explanation of Function
  • Hydraulic System
    • Analysis of Interior Indicators

2. Field Operation (1:00pm – 5:00pm)

  • Pre-Start Inspection
    • Exterior Pre-Start Checklist
    • Interior Pre-Start Checklist
  • Engine Operation
    • Start-up Procedure
    • Shutdown Procedure
  • Vehicle Operation
    • Gear Selection
    • Differential Locking
    • Demonstration of Driving Abilities
  • Vibe System Operation
    • Auxiliary Lift Circuit
    • Pelton Vib Pro
    • Generating an Energy Point (EP)

3. Course review

4. Final Course Evaluation

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