AHV-IV™ Vibrators


INOVA proudly represents the durable, low-maintenance AHV-IV family of vibrators with the latest advances in source technology implemented in the industry standard Articulated Hydrostatic Vehicle (AHV) design.

A variety of configurations and a comprehensive selection of customizable options are avaiable on our AHV-IV product line to accommodate variations in terrain, environment, or imaging requirements.

INOVA offers two options to meet imaging and operational requirements in the form of different actuators - the PLS-364 Commander and the PLS-380 Renegade. These are available with customizable features, such as a winter-package for arctic environments and standard or heavy-duty tracks for loose impediment and icy conditions

Harmonic Distortion Reduction - Turned On

Geophysical Benefits

Ensuring P-wave propagation and high-force energy penetration in a variety of terrains is our first priority when implementing new vib technology or design changes to our AHV-IV Commander and Renegade vibrators.

If your imaging goal is waveform inversion model building (Baeten, 2013) or structural analysis that requires wavelet sharpness (Denis, 2013), the AHV-IV is the best broadband vibrator for the survey.


  • Widest bandwidth for large class vibrators: <1 to 250 Hz
  • Highest peak force-energy penetration
  • Lowest full-drive frequency (5.18 Hz)
  • Excellent source signature consistency across full bandwidth in any terrain
  • Baseplate is 2.5x stiffer than conventional baseplates

Operational Benefits

Anyone who’s spent time maintaining a vib fleet knows how mechanical failures and downtime can delay a seismic acquisition program - delays that are costly to both the geophysical contractor and the E&P operator. The ability to easily diagnose and fix problems in the field is essential, but more importantly, reliability and uptime are the primary reasons why the AHV-IV class of vibrators is still #1 in the industry.

With more than 1800 in operation around the world and a rich history that dates back to 1970 with the introduction of the very first AHV vibrator (under Litton Resources Services aka LRS), the AHV-IV product line is still known for its dependability and durability today.


  • Rugged engine, durable frame, and serviceable design enables longer life and lowest cost of ownership
  • A patented Pre-Loaded Stilt Structure (PLS) design to create a stronger, more reliable actuator that dramatically prolongs the life of parts
  • Several available options to support a variety of operational needs


All INOVA systems contain a robust software called iX that consolidates source control and spread management into one simplified view for the Party Chief. Managing and visualizing source operations on a single system ensures higher quality imaging through better QC so you never miss a sweep.

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Common Options

Auto-Greasing System

A built-in system that auto-lubricates contact points which reduces wear and tear on high friction parts such as pins and guide columns.

Accumulator Charging Manifold Kit

Within the AHV-IV there are four accumulators that require nitrogen charging. This kit simplifies the process and helps a vib tech manage the appropriate levels of pressure to charge the nitrogen to help reduce noise and provide a more accurate measure of force.

Bypass Filtration Kit

In high-productivity 24/7 operations, it can be difficult to schedule routine oil changes without breaking stride. We’ve created a hydraulic oil filtration kit that helps remove contaminants and prolongs the life of the oil.

Winter Housing

For operations in Arctic climates where freezing temperatures make vibrator maintenance nearly impossible, we’ve created a fully enclosed environment complete with cameras and a lighting system to provide shelter for the technician and to keep the vib components protected.

Safety Kits

Due to their size, rear visibility and emergency braking in a vib can be incredibly difficult leading to costly errors. Additional features such as backup cameras or an external emergency stop control can be installed to help prevent HSE-related incidents.

AHV-IV 364 Commander


Shaker Model: P-Wave Vibrator; PLS-364
Peak Force: 275 kN (61,800 lb)
Frequency Limit: <1 Hz to 250 Hz
Hold down weight: 22,383 kg (50,350 lb -min) or 29,030 kg (64,000 lb-max)
Mass Weight: 4,998 kg (11,020 lb)
Driven Weight: 2,027 kg (4,469 lb)
Useable Stroke: 9.83 cm (3.87 in)

AHV-IV 380 Renegade


Shaker Model: P-Wave Vibrator; PLS-380
Peak Force: 356 kN (80,000 lb)
Frequency Limit: <1 Hz to 250 Hz
Hold down weight: 36,287 kg (80,000 lb)
Mass Weight: 5,910 kg (13,029 lb)
Driven Weight: 1,985 kg (4,377 lb)
Useable Stroke: 10.16 cm (4.0 in p-p)
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