Alphageo purchases Quantum® nodes for first HyperQ™ QC project in India

2月 20, 2023

INOVA Geophysical delivered and commissioned 5,000 Quantum nodes to Alphageo Ltd. for a seismic survey located in a densely forested and hilly terrain in North East India. The nodes are equipped with HyperQ wireless long-range QC communication enabling regular quality control reporting and traceability of nodes in the project’s steep areas that are difficult to access. Additionally, the nodes come equipped with connectors for external sensors allowing scalability for future projects that may require deployment in different sensor configurations.

Site of Alpha Geo project in North East India
Site of Alpha Geo project in North East India

Quantum has been deployed in many parts of the world, but this is the first use of HyperQ wireless QC in India.

Quantum with external connectors in charging rack

“Quantum with HyperQ sets this nodal acquisition system apart from the others by providing us an efficient and less costly approach to monitor the spread while giving peace of mind to our clients.” said Dinesh Alla, Chairman and Managing Director from Alphageo. “HyperQ allows us to reduce HSE risks through limited field exposure and expands QC visibility through difficult to reach areas of this project. Having less personnel in the field reduces our costs and makes us more competitive”

Crew training prior to deployment
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