INOVA Introduces TITAN, the new force in Vibroseis technology

Oct 16, 2018

INOVA’s latest generation vibroseis source vehicle, the AHV-V TITAN, has raised the bar for broadband source performance. Designed to significantly increase low frequency force output while maintaining a broad frequency band performance, TITAN utilizes an increased stroke length and a re-designed hydraulic system to provide almost a doubling of force at low frequencies, compared to conventional vibroseis. The hydraulic system has a faster response and a very stable supply pressure to minimize cavitation to ensure high force at low frequencies and greater stability at high frequencies. Major improvements in the baseplate and airbag design also result in better coupling, reduced harmonic distortion and a more accurate and repeatable source signature. The performance of the AHV-V TITAN is highlighted in Figure 1 which illustrates the difference in low frequency energy output from TITAN compared to a conventional AHV-IV 380.

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